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Alan Turner’s and my book “The National Geographic Book of Prehistoric Mammals” was originally published in 2004, and since them it has been translated to 12 different languajes. The latest to appear is the italian edition, published by National Geographic and Edizioni White Star under the title “Mammiferi Preistorici”. It is a great satisfaction to think that people, and especially children from so many countries, are getting to know better the evolution of mammals thanks to our book!

book cover for Mammiferi prehistorici

Book cover for Mammiferi Prehistorici

Looking for leopards in Samburu -New Video!

Hello everybody!

Here I am after another of my long silences  – not the best way to become popular in Planet Blog, I know!

To partly compensate, I offer you a little treat: a recent video-chronicle of my trip to Samburu National Reserve in Kenya in 2010. It is a quick portrait of one of the most beautiful wildlife reserves in Africa, and a celebration of the ultimate big cat: the leopard.  Such first-hand observations of the big cats in the wild help me to create more believable and life-like reconstructions of their extinct relatives, including the sabretooths. You can watch the video here

Meanwhile I take the opportunity to send you all my best wishes for the holidays and for the New Year!

Leopard in Samburu

A leopard in Samburu National reserve, Kenya. Photo by Miguel Anton