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New Video: Looking for the Iberian Lynx

Hello again everybody,

Today seems like a good day for trying to compensate for long weeks without posting, so here is another little bit of almost fresh news: last month I joined a group of friends in a trip to Sierra Morena mountains in southern Spain, with the rather ambitious aim of seeing the famously endangered Iberian lynx in the wild.  Sierra Morena is a part of Andalucía where I had never been before, so if nothing else this trip was an excellent opportunity to know a fascinating ecosystem. The place certainly delivered, and the weather was friendly as well, allowing us to spend all day out in the open, enjoying the beautiful landscapes and wildlife. And in the last day of our stay, the lynx finally showed up. It was far away -almost too far for filming- but the experience was beautiful and the animal was seen in gorgeous detail through the telescopes of some naturalists who graciously allowed us to take a look. Also our son Miguel managed to make a few nice stills of the animal. I have put together a modest video journal of our trip, I hope you will enjoy it!:

Iberian Lynx

Photo of the Iberian Lynx by Miguel Antón

New Scientific Papers

A special volume of the journal Estudios Geológicos published in memory of French paleontologist Leonard Ginsburg has just been published. It includes several contributions on mammal evolution and anatomy coauthored by me. One of these papers, titled “Changing ideas about the evolution and functional morphology of Machairodontine felids” is one of our last collaborations with great paleontologist and friend Alan Turner, who sadly passed away last January. This paper is an overview of the evolution of sabretooth cats which, while being undeniably technical, is written in a way that can be accesible to non-specialists who want a serious update on the subject. Alan lives on in our memories and in his vast contribution to academic and general knowledge about the evolution of carnivores and their world. This paper is just one example of that. You can access PDF format files of all the contributions to this volume in the following link:

Cover estudios Geologicos

Cover Estudios Geologicos


Dear all,

I hope life is treating all of you well. Here life has been intense which as usual in my case has left little or no time for blogging, but I want to take a minute now to let you know that on february the 15th, Spanish National TV channel “TVE 2” broadcasted a  special episode of  the series “Biodiario”, devoted to my work. The programme is created with the usual expertise of Luis Miguel Dominguez and his team from “Avatar Producciones”, who have protraited in just 5 minutes the essentials of my work, and especially of my reconstructions of sabre-toothed predators. You can watch the video (entirely in Spanish) following this link:—15-02-12/1323429/

Queridos amigos,

Espero que todo os vaya bien. Por aquí la vida ha sido intensa lo cual, como suele ser el caso conmigo, ha significado poco o nigún tiempo para dedicar al blog.  Sin embargo, ahora quiero dedicar un minuto a contaros que el 15 de Febrero la 2 de TVE emitió un episodio especial de “Biodiario” dedicado a mi trabajo.  Realizado con la habitual maestría de Luis Miguel Domínguez y su equipo de Avatar Producciones, el vídeo transmite en menos de 5 minutos lo esencial de mi trabajo y en especial de mi labor en la reconstrucción de los depredadores de dientes de sable.—15-02-12/1323429/