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A special volume of the journal Estudios Geológicos published in memory of French paleontologist Leonard Ginsburg has just been published. It includes several contributions on mammal evolution and anatomy coauthored by me. One of these papers, titled “Changing ideas about the evolution and functional morphology of Machairodontine felids” is one of our last collaborations with great paleontologist and friend Alan Turner, who sadly passed away last January. This paper is an overview of the evolution of sabretooth cats which, while being undeniably technical, is written in a way that can be accesible to non-specialists who want a serious update on the subject. Alan lives on in our memories and in his vast contribution to academic and general knowledge about the evolution of carnivores and their world. This paper is just one example of that. You can access PDF format files of all the contributions to this volume in the following link:

Cover estudios Geologicos

Cover Estudios Geologicos


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  1. Thank you for sharing the publication.
    Personalmente conocí a su amigo Alan Turner en dos ocasiones y le entiendo que sienta su pérdida. Desde aquí mi más sincero pésame.
    un saludo, Pedro Bigeriego

  2. Muchas gracias Pedro. Por suerte las personas como Alan dejan una larga estela de influencia beneficiosa detrás de sí. Eso hace que veamos su pérdida con otra perspectiva.

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