New Video: Looking for the Iberian Lynx

Hello again everybody,

Today seems like a good day for trying to compensate for long weeks without posting, so here is another little bit of almost fresh news: last month I joined a group of friends in a trip to Sierra Morena mountains in southern Spain, with the rather ambitious aim of seeing the famously endangered Iberian lynx in the wild.  Sierra Morena is a part of Andalucía where I had never been before, so if nothing else this trip was an excellent opportunity to know a fascinating ecosystem. The place certainly delivered, and the weather was friendly as well, allowing us to spend all day out in the open, enjoying the beautiful landscapes and wildlife. And in the last day of our stay, the lynx finally showed up. It was far away -almost too far for filming- but the experience was beautiful and the animal was seen in gorgeous detail through the telescopes of some naturalists who graciously allowed us to take a look. Also our son Miguel managed to make a few nice stills of the animal. I have put together a modest video journal of our trip, I hope you will enjoy it!:

Iberian Lynx

Photo of the Iberian Lynx by Miguel Antón


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  1. Very interesting!
    thank you.

  2. You are very lucky, to see a lynx is a difficult work. Two years ago, a japanese film team try to record some secuences for a TV documentary and lost all august month without a simple image.

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