Upcoming Sabertooth Book…and film!

My book about sabertoothed predators is a bit closer to publication. With final text and illustrations submitted some time ago, the volume is now in production at Indiana University Press. The working title now is “Sabertooth”, simple but effective.

Meanwhile, I am working with my colleagues at “The Fly Factory” in the production of a documentary film titled “Bringing the Sabertooths Back to life”. It shows how science and art are combined for the purpose of creating reconstructions of extinct animals such as the sabertooths, and in part it works as a “making of” for the book, but it certainly is more than that. The film will be finished in 2013 and should be available as a DVD at about the same time as the book comes out.

You can see a trailer of the film in the following link:

An image form the upcoming book "Sabertooth" by Mauricio Anton

An image form the upcoming book “Sabertooth” by Mauricio Anton.


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  1. wow! Looking forward to this very much!
    Applaud your use of 3D as well…

  2. Thank you! There is still work to do on the film but it will definitley be finished by october, in time for the publication of the book.

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