Sabertooth functional anatomy video

A video follow up of my previous post.

Follow the link to watch:



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  1. Can’t sufficiently express how fantastic this video / post is!
    Consider me inspired!

  2. Mark A. Marks

    Dear Anton,
    Let me first say that I have followed your work for many years. My home is adorned with your thoughtful prints… You are hands down, the finest paleo-artist “scientist” out there! So proud to have you among our ranks! As a cognitive ethologist, studying the behavioral ecology of white sharks, Carcharodon carcharias, I am constantly impressed with the detail in your reconstructions, portraying their lives with context to social behavior. I resided in South Africa for eight years while in grad school. I would be honored if you’d accept my offer to host you as a friend and colleague, if you ever find yourself planning a trip to the west coast of North America, I live seaside in Newport, Oregon. As a child in southern California, we lived a mile from Rancho Labrea, before the Paige Museum was even built. I remember watching its construction, especially the weeks of transfer of the fossil collection from the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. My cousins and I would ride our bikes to the “pits” and spent countless hours playing in the creeks (long gone now) which laced through the park, catching frogs… always returned home with asphalt on our feet! Back then, most of the excavations were open to the public and we made the most of it…. how many graduate students we delayed from their work with our constant questions I’ll never know! These are some of my fondest childhood memories. Would love the opportunity for us to meet and share ideas. Please find this note with admiration, and a shared passion of nature… extant and extinct. All the Best to you and yours!
    M.A. Marks, Research Biologist
    H. 541-264-8281

  3. Thank you very much Mark! White sharks are so fascinating creatures, I envy your deep knowledge and direct experience with them. I do hope we may have a chance to chat in person at some point in the future. Shall keep in touch.
    Thanks again!

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