“Sabertooth”: pics of the real book

After all these months and years working in the preparation of my book “Sabertooth”, the moment when I arrived to the Indiana University Press stand at the recent SVP meeting was an emotional one. It was the 29th of October and I met Bob Sloan, Science editor at the Press, who handed me a copy of the book. I had seen and corrected PDF versions of the thing many times, but holding the real book, feeling its weight, leafing through its pages, well, that is a different experience altogether.
There are of course those who claim that in the future all our reading will be done in screens, and that the printed book is a thing of the past… well, for me there is still something very special about a paper book, especially if it is an illustrated one. To celebrate its “physicality”, let me now share a few photos of my copy of “Sabertooth”. I know that copies have taken quite a bit longer than expected to ship from Amazon.com, and that people who want to order it through European branches of Amazon are still waiting to even know a distribution date, but they will not have to wait much longer… it is coming!









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  1. congratulations!
    Ordered today (European waiting line).

  2. Robert Hodge

    I ordered a copy through Amazon, it is currently expected to arrive Tuesday, 11/19. Judging from the artwork shown here, it should be excellent!

  3. Sheila Collins

    Drooling here, awaiting my copy!

  4. I wish I could have this book! It looks excellent,as always.

  5. I didn’t know you had a blog! Been a big fan ever since I got my first copy of big cats and their fossil relatives…. I am definitely ordering this one now

  6. Congratulations!
    I cannot wait to have this on my shelf next to my prized and well-loved Big Cats and their Fossil Relatives.

  7. And for your next book…’Small Cats And Their Fossil Relatives’??

  8. I received a copy of your book yesterday. It is easily one of the most attractive books I have ever seen, let alone owned. Thank you for this incredible work. You efforts have paid off.

  9. David Hughes

    Just received my copy today. Absolutely superb in every respect, it’s already my favourite book on prehistoric life!
    Congratulations….. and please let’s have some more books on other groups!!!

  10. Sheila Collins

    It’s a beautiful book. A BIG book, heavily illustrated with beautiful artwork – no overload of graphs and line drawings here; the animals are the stars. Accurately, realistically, and lovingly rendered, many – not just a few plates – in full color, the illustrations are nothing short of glorious. Not only is your book easily the most stunning, visually, of any book on cats I’ve ever seen, but it’s also intellectually stunning. The insights into how these fantastic animals lived, and particularly the insights into their importance in ancient ecosystems, are beyond compare. And your speculation as to why they became extinct is so reasonable and plausible. I’ve never seen such a deep and yet balanced work on sabertooths.

  11. Excellent book. The steep from your original work in the book of 1997 to this, is amazing. I love the draws and the data with it. By the way, when you are going to make a draw of the giant Ngandong tiger (Panthera tigris soloensis)? It will be excellent to see it trough your amazing draws. Greetings and cheers.

  12. This book is amazing. I have already begun using it as a tool in my fossil repair and restoration of these amazing cats.
    Fossil Shack

  13. Man i wish i could get the book its great

  14. ykao(my initials)

    (Sorry Im the one who used Li Yongi) My real name is Yanis Obeng

  15. Lucas Cândido

    Ola! sou do brasil! Acho muito belo suas ilustrações da Paleoart, gostaria de ter uma copia ebook ou livro fisico do “Sabertooth”, só que aqui no Brasil não o acho, se puderes enviar pro meu email lucascandido05@gmail.com o ebook do livro estaria muito agradecido!


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