New Book on Human Evolution (with my illustrations)

“Our Origins” is possibly the ultimate textbook on human evolution. I have been privileged to work with author Clark Spencer Larsen and W. Norton books preparing a collection of new illustrations for the 3d edition of this volume. The cover image shown here is a modified version of an existing illustration, and I am glad that a sabertooth cat (Dinofelis, concretely) has found its way here!.

Here is the book cover:

our origins 3d edition cover

Among the collection of new illustrations which I prepared for this edition there is a night scene showing some early primates that lived during the Eocene in the tropical forest of what is today the Paris area in France. I am always happy to have the opportunity to explore these less well known areas of primate evolution, and aesthetically it is an interesting challenge to depict the world of darkness where so many of the most fascinating mammals are active.

Here is the night scene from the Paris Basin Eocene with the early primates Pseudoloris, Necrolemur and Microchoerus.

anuncio-night scene


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