New Video: Okavango Leopards

I spend a lot of time trying to learn about the functional anatomy of the big cats, in an effort to understand how the complex machinery of muscle and bone really works. This is the only way to start deciphering the enigmas of the sabertooths, and to reconstruct these extinct animals in action. But it also leads one’s mind to focus, may be a bit too much, on the big cats as machines, and more specifically as killing machines.

Here is one of the pictures my son took of a female leopard we encountered in the Okavango. We shared some remarkable time with this animal.

Leopardo Khwai 1 baja

But there is nothing like spending some time with the actual big cats in the wild to correct a biased perception, and to see that they are so much more than “killing machines”. And so were the sabertooths. Living, breathing, feeling, caring… and, now and then, failing miserably at what they do -just like ourselves. Such are the real cats, and we should not allow the filter of science to hide those facts from us.

Now I have uploaded a new video clip about our encounters with the Okavango leopards during the 2013 edition of the “Drawing the Big Cats” safari. Those encounters were pure wildlife magic for us.

In an upcoming clip you will see how the lives of our endearing leopard family and of the wild dog pack shown in the earlier video clip intersected in a most unexpected way…

Here is the link to watch the video:

Watch and enjoy!


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  1. Jorge Aguilera

    It is really a pleasure to see the cats romping around and know that such a wonderful world still exists outside man’s influence! Really enjoy your blog!


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