Run, wolf, Run!

Evolution has shaped the wolf as a long-distance runner. The iberian lynx may stalk with endless patience and the brown bear ambles ponderously on plantigrade feet, but the main weapon of the wolf is its ability to run tirelessly over enormous distances. Such stamina is originally and adaptation for surveying large territories and for chasing fast prey animals to exhaustion, but it has also served as a pre-adaptation for a new challenge: to escape man’s prosecution.
The Iberian wolf lives now like an outlaw, cornered by the action of human greed, ignorance and cruelty. True, the wolf also has got friends among humans, who are not just going to sit and watch, but its enemies “play with marked cards”, taking advantage of social inertia and inherited privilege.

A quick sketch of a trotting wolf
lobo al trote 1 baja res

I try to capture the elegance of the wolf with quick, 10-minute drafts, which I force myself to quit before my pencil has time to dwell in too much detail. The strategy to defend the wolf, by contrast, has to be a labour of patience and time. Meanwhile, the wolf needs to keep trusting its sinewy legs for survival. It has to keep running while we come to the rescue. Hopefully it won’t be too late by then.
As a tiny contribution to stop the abuses against the wolf, I have signed the petition below. Will you?


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  1. Unrelated: so I was at the UISPP in Burgos and I saw the Cradle of Humankind exhibition. Really nice, also all my colleagues appreciated. Your dioramas are as great and lively as I expected them to be. Great original Oldowan stone tools. Pelorovis and Sivatherium are two beasties that one really has to see with its own eyes to understand how huge they were; reading measurements on a paper is not enough!

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