This morning I have started my working day with a quick sketch of a running wolf. My first sighting of a wild wolf over a quarter of a century ago was of an animal trotting effortlessly in the mountains of Asturias (Northern Spain), and that is a memory that doesn’t fail to invigorate me. Today we need that vigour to fight for the wolf, as things are looking extraordinarily bleak for this beautiful animal here in Spain.

Here is my morning sketch of a trotting Iberian wolf
lobo al trote 3 baja res

Scientific research is revealing ever more details about the vital role of larger carnivores in maintaining the health of ecosystems, and yet here in Spain we are helplessly witnessing how a part of the administration is opportunistically launching a more or less covert extermination campaign against our most iconic predator, the Iberian wolf.
In an incredibly simplistic approach to population mangement, they approve culling cuotas that in the practice imply wreaking havoc with the packs, as alpha individuals are killed and their hunting experience is hopelessly lost, making the surviving, guideless young wolves more prone to killing livestock. Even young cubs are being killed ”legally”, as the last attempts to keep up appearances are left behind.
This attempt from some reckless politicians to gain a handful of votes is proving intolerably expensive in terms of wild wolf blood. Spanish association “Lobo Marley” is almost single-handedly trying to fight for this icon of our wilerness. Anyone who is concerned about what natural heritage we are leaving for future generations must be worried about this situation. It is time to take action!

If you haven´t signed the petition yet, do it now!


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