As many of you already know, last August we celebrated the second edition of our “Drawing the Big Cats” safari in Botswana. And what a trip we had! I have seen quite a few lions in my safaris but our sightings of the Savuti pride this year must have been the most beautiful ever!

savuti lion for video-low res

With so many amazing observations, it really takes months to digest and make sense of what you have seen. And then, with my mix of artistic and scientific approaches ( a sort of uncomfortable “Jeckill & Hyde” duality), whenever something strikes me as beautiful I need to ask myself “what makes it beautiful?”, and then I start to analyse things. This means looking time and again at the images we captured in the field, and spending one pencil after another in attempts to grab the “spirit” of the feline presence. Why should I deceive you, I know I am miles from getting even close to it, but in this case the excitement is not in getting there, but in being on one’s way there!

Now you can watch a new video where I try to get to grabs with the face of a Savuti lion using my pencils and some additional stuff from my toolbox here. I hope you enjoy!


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