An intimate encounter with the Iberian lynx.

Early January in the Sierra Morena mountains of Southern Spain. We have come seeking for the wildlife of this beautiful region, and most especially to search for the Iberian Lynx. And we get more than we dared to hope. To have this amazing feline in front of you, searching the bushes for suspected prey while its fur shines under the winter sun… it is one of those gifts of nature that leave you speechless. Rather than narrating this encounter in the video, I preferred to just combine the footage with a little piece for piano that I composed a few years ago. Intimate music for an intimate encounter.
I really hope that these incredible animals can come back from the brink of extinction. The Iberian lynx is still the most endangered feline in the World, and we just cannot risk losing it!

lince de frente 4 baja


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  1. That was so beautiful, I felt I was there and at the end it was sensing I was there not you! I am concerned the Lynx may have been affected by the bushfires I heard were happening in Spain this year. I hope your video is not one that will be shown in years to come of an animal that “once was”.

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